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June 23, 2014

Gimmel Tammuz JNet Learning Campaign

by merkosnews

Gimmel Tammuz 5774 Poser


In honor of Gimmel Tammuz, this year marking the twentieth anniversary of the Rebbe’s histalkus, Anash and all Jews worldwide are invited to participate in a learning campaign, with a chance to win great prizes.

JNet, the Chavrusa matchmaking website, provides a sicha of the Rebbe about the “True life of Moshe” to be learned b’chavrusa, followed by a short online questionnaire.

Filling out the questionnaire enters participants into a Duch and three raffles for $250 cash, a tablet and $100 gift certificate to Kehot or

The winner will be announced on 5 Tammuz, July 3rd at 3:00 PM

JNet membership is not required to participate.

May the merit of our learning strengthen our commitment and connection to the Rebbe and his directives, and bring Moshiach speedily in our times.

JNet is a division of Merkos L’Inyonei Chinuch and was established with a generous grant from The Rohr Foundation.

Gimmel Tammuz 5774 Poster 11X17 JPeg

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