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July 9, 2012

Getting Ready for the Largest “One Shabbat One World”

by merkosnews

Preparations are under way to make this year’s “One Shabbat One World” the biggest yet.

As one of the very first programs developed by the Moshiach Campaign, One Shabbat One World has also been one of the most popular and successful.  Last year, over 300 mosdos celebrated, and the feedback was very positive. Shluchim appreciated the opportunity to invite people to celebrate Shabbos and discuss inyanei geula u’Moshiach, while the participants were excited to learn how close we are to experiencing Geula.

Shaliach to the Hamptons in Long Island and Moshiach Campaign Board Member Rabbi Leibel Baumgarten notes, “The Redemption is called yom she’kule Shabbos, the day (time) of everlasting Shabbos. The direct relationship between Moshiach and Shabbos makes “One Shabbat One World” a natural and very enjoyable way to share the excitement about the Geula in an ofen hamiskabel.

This year’s event is scheduled for Shabbos Parshas Bo, January 18th – 19th 2013 / 7th – 8th Shvat 5773.  According to Rabbi Chaim Hershkowitz director of the Moshiach Campaign, the goal is to have 1000 locations join in worldwide.  visit and sign up.

The Moshiach Campaign is a project of the Kinus Hashluchim and Suite 302.

Promo video:

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